How to Choose an Event Management Company

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You’ve set out a number of goals for your upcoming event – more revenue, a better audience experience or more accurate engagement data, among other things. The actions you take to meet these goals have never been more important. Everything must go smoothly, otherwise your organization could be in for a rough year ahead. At the very least, your reputation could take a big hit.

But how exactly do you ensure that you or your team doesn’t hit any rough patches, before, during and even after event day? Hiring a reputable event management company can help you put the correct processes in place to avoid problems and meet goals.

So if you’re researching event management companies, here are some tips on choosing the right one for your needs. Let’s get started!

Why Event Management?

event management services graphicEvent management deals with the planning, execution and oversight process of an event. It’s the job of an event manager to create memorable events for their clients and ensure that key details – from travel logistics to security concerns to lighting/sound operation and everything else – are taken care of and running perfectly on event day.

Whether you’re an individual planning a private party or a venue operator looking for support, event management companies can make the whole process of hosting an event easier.

Ask About Their Experience

Whenever you’re searching for an event management company to help with your upcoming soiree, ask about their experience. Are they fully prepared to handle your special event? Those without the proper expertise can cause more problems than they solve. After almost two decades in the business, Mathes Event Production (MEP) knows that things can go haywire at a moment’s notice, and their ability to react to and solve problems quickly means the difference between the audience having a great time and people asking for a refund.

Understand Their Event Management Skills

Every project, whether relatively small like a private movie night or a larger one such as a county fair or music festival will have some similarities; particularly those types of event management skills needed to host something memorable. To pinpoint the ideal partner, ask about their skills, particularly: communication, organization and technical skills. These are three important skills that any event manager must possess and are crucial to the success of your event.

It might also be helpful to ask about their specific experience managing an event similar to the one you are planning putting on. Find out what went well, and any lessons learned. You can ask questions like “tell me about a time when…” to gauge how they reacted to stressful situations, or when things don’t go as planned. This is a job interview, so make sure you’re thinking through the specific questions you want to ask a potential event management company.

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Get a Few Bids from Different Event Management Companies

Every event management company will have its own unique approach to pricing and payments. It’s in your best interest to reach out for several bids, rather than just going with the first company you talk to. Beyond just pricing, this will also give you more insight into a company’s product offerings, service availability and technical support. You can also get a good sense for what it will be like working with a company based on their initial communications, responsiveness, and the general “vibe” you get.

Ask About Budget-Handling

No matter how you put your event together, there will be associated costs to take into account that may come as a surprise, no matter how specific your budget may be. Many times, when you hire an event manager, they will control the cash flow and plan where your dollars should be allocated. Take a look at some tips to help ensure that you understand the event management company’s budget-handling capabilities, so you can understand your invoice when it comes due:

  • Have a clear idea of your budget before you sign any contracts.
  • Ask questions about any event ideas or processes, so you know which areas are going to be spending priorities.
  • Save all receipts and settle them in a timely manner – letting them build up could mean late fees, or at the very least, a big payment at once.
  • Ask about what happens when an event is looking like it may go over budget. This should never be a surprise sprung on a customer, so making sure an event management company has clear communication policies about budgeting and money is key.
  • Find a venue for an event, or ask for their professional recommendation. Additionally, ask about their relationship with venues around the area and whether they work with in-house teams or as a sole third-party operator.

Another financial advantage of working with an event management company is that they will act as negotiators for you when working with event sub-contractors and partners. If you need LED screen rental, for example, your event manager will find the best deal and negotiate the best price, ultimately saving you money.

Ask for Testimonials & Research Online Reviews

Any company worth hiring will be able to supply a number of testimonials from happy customers. Case studies or a portfolio can also supply insight into their process and past experience. On a similar note, research online reviews and social media profiles to see if their reputation matches what up with what they’re telling you.

They Support Your Goals

Whether you hire an event planning company, technical operators or a production team, remember that they are there to serve you. They should be committed to supporting your overarching goals, whether it be more ticket sales, higher audience engagement with sponsored content or recruiting more event vendors. At the end of the day, your success depends on the ability of the event manager to enact innovative processes that support those goals.

What Other Event Services Do They Offer?

outdoor digital signage for car companyAlong with event management services, you will likely require other physical items to make your event a success. If the event management company also offers other services and equipment – sound, stage and lighting, event planning, LED displays that amplify event content, post-production, for example – it may be easier to kill two birds with one stone. Rather than reaching out to multiple event contractors, you can keep it all under one roof. Plus they may even offer bundle or package discounts of some sort.

Do They Supply Event Equipment?

Similarly, a company that supplies all the necessary event technology is often a smarter choice than a company that brings-in outside vendors or equipment. This presents a number of problems, least of which is the company not having the right experience operating said equipment. The last thing you want is a speaker, lighting or LED system going out mid-show and not having the capabilities to get it working again.

Taking the Next Step

Now that you have these tips on choosing an event management company, you can make a more informed decision on the ideal partner. No matter what goals you have, a successful event manager will put the correct processes and systems in place to enhance the overall experience for both you and your audience. Best of luck with your upcoming event!

Hire an Event Manager – Hire Mathes Event Productions

graduation event in atlantaBefore, during and after your event, Mathes Event Productions will be there to help you craft an unforgettable audience experience, while you sit back and enjoy the special occasion. Our award-winning production team manages every aspect of the event process, from sound, staging and multi-camera productions to live streaming, sponsor activation, logistics and beyond. Get in touch with us today, because “Your Event is Our Business”.

For more information about MEP’s service and product offerings, call (678) 310-7332 or fill out a contact form.

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