7 Benefits of Using Mobile LED Displays for Your Event

mobile led display at Daughtry concert

Mobile LED displays have become standard features at events big and small thanks to the many benefits they offer both event managers and audience members. Video is a key component for any event, and audiences expect it wherever they go. As this technology becomes more ubiquitous and easily accessible, it’s changing the event planning industry.

Here are seven of the top benefits that mobile LED displays can offer at events.

1) Display Content On-the-Go

LED wall at marathon event

There are many types of event LED displays, but at some events, having the ability to transport a screen to where the audience is going can be hugely beneficial. For example, at a golf tournament, the crowd is always on the move between holes – having an LED system that can stream the tournament directly to the audience members, no matter where they are, will boost audience engagement and get your content in front of more viewers.

2) Affordability

When compared to custom-built modular LED walls, mobile LED displays are a more affordable event technology option. Not only is the rental price better, there’s no sacrifice in terms of picture quality – with the capabilities of today’s mobile LED systems, you can choose from a variety of pixel pitches and resolutions to deliver crystal clear visuals, improving the experience for event attendees.

3) Tow-Anywhere Trailer Design

LED display trailers are taking the market by storm, thanks to their ability to simply hook up to any vehicle with a hitch, and driven wherever they need to be – often multiple locations within one event. Lightweight and safe to tow, LED display trailers make the event team’s job that much easier by simply towing the screen to and from the event – and anywhere in between.

4) Ease of Use

You can really get the most out of this event technology thanks to it’s easy-to-use design. Mobile LED displays are generally built with the end operator in mind – especially one that doesn’t have much experience setting up or running event technology equipment. While they are simple to use, most event companies like Mathes Event Productions, will even help handle the behind-the-scenes set-up, operation and tear-down of the display if you wish, so you can focus on hosting a spectacular event.

5) Versatility

Closeup of mobile LED Screen at outdoor music concert

Whether you’re hosting a movie night in the park, tailgate event or outdoor music festival, mobile LED displays are perfect for all kinds of applications. Thanks to their versatile screen sizes, ability to be moved and simple set-up, mobile LED displays are the perfect fit for people that need a one-size-fits-all streaming solution.

6) Everything You Need On Board

Rental screens like “The Max”, Mathes Event Productions’ mobile LED offering, don’t just offer great visual streaming on-the-go, it also supplies everything you need for a complete viewing experience. That includes amplified sound, WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity, onboard power generator and weatherproof exterior with a compact footprint.

7) Get More Eyeballs on Your Message

With the ability to go to where the crowd is, mobile LED displays give you the chance to communicate your sponsor or brand message to a wider number of people. Growing the number of impressions your sponsorship logos and messaging gets will grow the number of sponsor opportunities.

In Conclusion

When it comes to streaming amazing event content, mobile LED displays are becoming one of the more popular choices thanks to the number of benefits they provide. No matter what size event you’re hosting, these go-anywhere displays can make your job easier as an event manager, while leaving a huge impression on the audience.

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