10 Tips to Get the Most of Your LED Wall Rental

module LED system at concert

With LED wall technology, you’re better able to engage your audience members throughout the entire event. It’s practically become a standard way to display content at all types of events – huge concerts, fast-paced marathons, gameday tailgates, fancy galas, private movie nights – you name it. There’s almost a guarantee that an LED wall will be present, on-scene, no matter what the occasion.

So, if you’re getting ready for an upcoming event, a video-content display system is a must. But first, read through these tips in order to get the most out of your LED wall rental.

1) Rent the Right Size LED Wall

LED walls come in an almost unlimited amount of sizes, especially with the rise in popularity of modular display systems (building one large screen out of many small panels). In terms of renting the right-sized wall, that will be a personal choice. For instance, if you’re hosting a movie night at a restaurant, a 7’ x 12’ screen should be sufficient, whereas a professional concert could require something like an 18’ x 25’ backdrop.

2) Consider Mobility

Closeup of LED Screen at Kentucky Derby Day GalaSometimes, it’s best to use an LED screen that can be easily moved. For example, our product, The MAX, can be trailered around via a small vehicle like an ATV, set up and taken down in a few minutes, and provides on-the-go content delivery. It’s perfect for both events where people are moving around, like golf tournaments or marathons, or for closer viewing environments, such as a tailgate event or movie night. Overall, LED screen mobility can play a large part in improving the viewing experience for the audience, so give it some consideration. Not only that, it makes for easier setup and tear-down, as it can be driven directly on and off the event grounds.

3) Make Sponsors Aware of Your LED Displays

Sponsors will a much higher incentive to give more funding or donations should you offer exposure on event LED video walls. With sponsor logos flashing on screen throughout the event, their impressions will skyrocket when compared to more traditional exposure methods like a banner or event program. You can even offer full-blown digital advertising, something along the lines of a 30-second spot where brands can promote their message.

4) Know Which Pixel Pitch Your Event Screen will Need

Pixel pitch is the main spec that dictates how the picture appears based on a person’s viewing distance from the screen. Also known as dot pitch, this method pixel density is calculated by measuring the millimeters between two pixels on an LED panel. The size and viewing distance of the wall dictates which pixel pitch you choose. For example, a larger LED wall, like a festival backdrop will need a higher pixel pitch because of its size and the distance from which the audience views the wall. On the other hand, lower pitches are better for closer viewing distance, such as with a storefront retail display or mobile scoreboard at a bike race.

5) Is Your Event Indoor or Outdoor?

Weather can play a huge factor in the location of your event. For example, it can get hot during the summer in Atlanta, so many event managers decide to host their event indoors to avoid the sweltering heat. Regardless, it may be best to choose a versatile LED wall that works both indoors and outdoors so you can be prepared for any situation. Otherwise, make sure to consult with an LED professional to ensure you choose a video wall that suits your event, whether indoor or outdoor, as there are differences. Indoor screens tend to be non-weatherproof, smaller and have a lower pixel pitch, whereas outdoor screens are weatherproof and generally larger with a higher pixel pitch.

6) How Big of a Crowd Do You Expect?

Check out ticket pre-sale numbers and take a look at your social media event page to get an idea of how many people you can expect at your upcoming event. The bigger the crowd, the more important it is to rent event technology like an LED screen so everyone has a view of the show. Plus, you get a better idea of what size screen and pixel pitch to choose.

7) The Importance of Clear Typography and Graphics

While you may not have a design degree, you should at least know some best practices of good graphics and typography layout if you’re making content for an LED wall. Always ensure your text and graphics are large enough to see from the maximum viewing distance. Additionally, avoid bright white backdrops as those tend to wash-out the more important messaging. And no matter what, test your content before your event goes live, or else you could run into viewing problems.

8) Boost Audience Engagement via Social Media

With today’s technology, you can display social media feeds on your event LED walls to give the audience a chance to directly participate in the action. Plus, it’s exciting when an audience member gets their name and profile picture, a Tweet or Facebook post blasted across the big screen – it gives them a stronger connection to the event itself and provides you with a bit of promotion via that audience member’s social media network. So it’s a win-win!

9) Installation (and Tear-Down) Method

This is crucial because when you don’t have the right tools, knowledge of assembly or power requirements, you could end up blowing your budget on an LED wall. Depending on what type of LED screen you rent, Installation (and tear-down) methods will vary; some can be assembled by yourself, some require professional assembly. In general, the easier the installation is, the more money you’ll save since you don’t have to hire outside help. More and more, event companies are offering easy-setup options that any layman can use.

10) Work with an Event Company that Provides Complete LED Support

event monitor boothOne of the most crucial things to think about when renting an LED wall is to consider the support that the event company provides. Do they have a team on-hand to provide technical insight, content creation services or even full operation of the technology? You don’t want to be left high-and-dry when you have hundreds or thousands of audience members counting on your LED screens to get the most out of an event.

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