8 Reasons to Use an Outdoor LED Wall at Your Bike Race

Cycling Racers

For better live viewing of your upcoming bike race, consider investing in an outdoor LED wall. You may think you can get by without one, but these days, the audience has come to expect having a clear view of the action. Reflect the cycling action in the best way possible: by getting it up on the big screen.

Here are eight reasons to use an outdoor LED wall at your bike race – here we go!

1) Crystal Clear View

Outdoor LED screens come in a variety of sizes, with various definition specs and pixel pitches. This gives you a chance to customize the viewing experience to where your audience will be situated. Perhaps you have a big screen behind the finish line, where regular spectators aren’t allowed; you could install a large, high-definition screen with a live camera feed, capturing the bikers as they finish and dismount. This gives the audience a more personalized viewing experience.

2) See the Action From Anywhere with a Mobile LED Screen

Many outdoor LED walls are mobile, meaning they can go anywhere, simply in-tow behind almost any vehicle with a hitch. So, as your audience moves, so does the event content. Whether it’s a long marathon-type bike race or a quick sprint, you can deliver the action to the crowd, no matter where they are.

3) Provide Guests with Important Event Information

Beyond the bike race, what other event information will your audience require? Maybe it’s directions to the food vendors or merchandise stands that draw in more revenue, or more logistical items, like the locations of bathrooms, parking lots or first-aid tents. Giving your audience all the information they need will help your event run smoother while taking the burden off of some event staff members.

4) Display Important Sponsor Information

Sponsor logos, advertising and other messaging should be front and center whenever you’re hosting a bike race – after all, they provided many of the funds required for your event to be successful. Outdoor LED displays are the perfect vessel to deliver important or contractually required sponsorship info.

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5) Get Your Own Messaging Out There

Beyond sponsors, you probably have your own logo, messaging or advertising as the host of the event that you want to display to the masses – outdoor LED screens give you that chance. Alongside event content and sponsorship messaging, make sure your message is seen by putting together some high-quality graphics and plastering them all over your digital assets.

6) Provide Information About the Bike Race

With an outdoor LED wall, you’re able to give the audience second-by-second updates on who’s in the top places, who has crashed or fallen out, route updates, or anything else that’s pertinent to the race itself. Plus, you can set up live video feeds that capture first-hand action of the bikers as they progress throughout the race.

7) Outdoor LED Displays Are Weatherproof

cyclers racing in the rain

The majority of outdoor LED walls for events are weatherproof, meaning they can withstand the elements, whether your bike race faces heavy rain, wind, extreme heat or cold. So no matter what type of weather your event experiences, you can rest easy knowing that your technology won’t be affected, and the action can be broadcasted, should the race go on.

8) Easily Paired with a Sound System

Of course, video is only one piece of crafting a complete viewing experience – the other being audio. With an event LED screen, simply use the on-board sound system or pair it with a more powerful PA system, and you can provide moment-to-moment commentary of the race, as well as background music or other audio effects. Syncing up your video and audio strategies is a smart way to make a bigger impact on your audience.

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