5 Ways a Multi-Camera Production will Enhance Your Sporting Event

View of soccer pitch from stands

Every booming tackle, every robbed home-run, every hole-in-one – with a multi-camera production, you can capture all of the action at your next sporting event.

Multi-camera productions are used during live sporting event to allow viewing from multiple angles and perspectives. This type of production requires two or more cameras to be placed strategically throughout the grounds so that the audience can see the most important aspects of the action, while receiving a more holistic viewing experience overall.

If you’re searching for a way to improve the viewing experience of your next sporting event, here are five ways a multi-camera production will help. Here we go!

Benefits of Multi-Camera Productions

Multi-camera productions carry many benefits, particularly when broadcasting something like a sporting event. The live nature of football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, or any other type of sport means that they can’t be edited in post-production. Rather, multi-camera setups allow multiple angles that are edited on the fly using a vision mixer. With two or more cameras, the entire game or match can be recorded without ever missing a moment of the action.

Let’s take a look at a few specific ways a multi-cam setup will enhance your upcoming sporting event.

1) Cut to Player Interviews

Everyone wants to hear insights on the game from the players, coaches or other team members. With a multi-camera production, it’s easy to switch feeds from game-time action to interviews, whether it’s a pre-game strategy talk, halftime locker room assessment or post-game celebration.

2) Get the Crowd Involved

crowd at football game

Everyone loves to see their face up on the big screen! While one camera is tracking the match, another can be scanning the crowd, looking for crowd members to feed onto the screen during breaks, timeouts or player substitutions. You don’t want to miss it when they break out “the wave!”

3) Get First-Hand Shots

If you have the resources to keep a cameraman close to the action, you can get some really unique first-hand shots. Follow players as they come on and off the field, gather in their huddles or celebrate their victories, and capture the internal workings of the team. With this, the audience really feels like they are directly participating in the matchup.

4) Get an Entire Team of Multi-Cam Specialists

When you work with just one camera, it doesn’t take many people to operate the production. With a multi-camera setup, however, you’ll get a team of production specialists, working to make the viewing experience as good as it can be. A team will likely consist of multiple camera operators, audio specialists, video editors and production specialists that make video and sound come to life on the screen.

5) Cut to the Announcers

sports announcers at game

The announcers play an essential role in disseminating play-by-play information to the audience. During a football game, for example, cameras often cut from an on-field shot to a direct shot of the announcers where they can talk directly into the camera or draw route paths on the telestrator.

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