5 Ways an Outdoor LED Wall Elevates the Event Experience

outdoor LED screens at music festival

Visuals and sound are an important element to many events you might be hosting, and an LED screen set-up can help enhance your event in a number of different ways–from huge festivals to intimate outdoor movie nights. From live video feeds, to produced clips, to sponsored content, an LED screen can provide a number of different visual and audio benefits for eventgoers. Check out these five ways an outdoor LED wall can elevate your event experience.

1. Improves Wayfinding


large crowd at outdoor event

Nothing is more frustrating that being at a large event and not know where you are supposed to go. With an outdoor LED display, maps, direction and other helpful information can help eventgoers find where they need to go and any other relevant information. What’s more is that the content on the screens can be updated in real time, so if there is a location change, like a new route path at a bike race, update or important message that needs to be shared, it can be done seamlessly.

2. Enhances Visuals

No matter what sort of event you are hosting, whether it’s a county fair or a football tailgate, there is always some sort of visual element that will no doubt look awesome on a large LED screen. At an outdoor concert, an LED screen can improve the view for people who aren’t as close to the stage. At a 5k or other race, a screen can project the smiling faces of runners as they cross the finish line. At a food and wine event, a large screen can show off some of the delicious food and beverages available to taste. The opportunities to project visuals are endless!

3. Engages Eventgoers

Outdoor LED Video Walls at Event

Utilizing an LED screen to show eventgoers having fun can be a great way to boost engagement at an event. Depending on which type of LED display you rent for your event, you can do a number of things to increase crowd participation. For example, try syncing up a social media feed and encourage attendees to use a specific hashtag for a chance to be featured on the big screen, or to show off some of the other features at an event.

4. Entertains the Crowd

Fill in lulls between performers or speakers by projecting content on LED screens during the downtime. Eventgoers will never be bored when they can watch videos or even be served up ads during the festivities. While an LED screen is utilized during the main event, think of all the ways it can be used before, after, and in between events.

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5. Expands the Reach of Content

outdoor LED display at marathon event

Bring your event content to places it might not have been able to go before with an outdoor LED screen. For example, will you host a watch party for a sporting event or political rally? Leveraging an LED screens means that people can enjoy the event experience from afar, without having to be in the thick of it. For example, when the Atlanta United Major League Soccer team hosted their parade, our newest LED mobile display The MAX was used to broadcast Atlanta United’s championship victory parade to more than 20,000 fans! Plus, there are a ton of other great event venues in Atlanta that we have worked with, from outdoor wedding spaces to tailgate-friendly parking lots, movie night settings and beyond.

Almost any event can be enhanced with an outdoor LED wall. Using the right mix of technology, content and engagement, your eventgoers will be able to enjoy an unforgettable video experience!

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