What Type of LED Display Should You Rent for Your Upcoming Event?

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Are you searching for a better way to deliver event content to your audience? With the many options out there on today’s market, it’s hard to narrow down the right choice for your needs. So, let’s explore a few of the more popular types of event LED screens and which one you should choose for your upcoming event.

Event Mobile LED Displays

What are Mobile LED Displays?

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Mobile LED displays for events normally sit on a towable trailer frame, or even come attached to the back of a truck, allowing the user to simply drive the screen to and from viewing spots throughout the event grounds. This helps production managers get more eyeballs on important visual content like sponsorship messaging, logistical information and event happenings.

This type of event LED display is perfect for a wide variety of applications and makes it easy for the user to deliver content to an audience, wherever they are (or are going to be) simply by plugging in a laptop and delivering content right to the screen. Let’s say you’re hosting a bike race, for example. A mobile LED display can be moved from one vantage point to the next as racers progress through the race and the crowd moves with them.

Reasons to choose a mobile LED display for an event:

Go-anywhere, making them perfect for events like golf tournaments, marathons, bike races, tailgates or other sporting events where content needs to be delivered to a moving audience.

With minimal setup and many market offerings with on-board features like direct connection, WiFi, Bluetooth and sound system, you don’t need a team of event technology professionals to help get your content streaming on the big screen. This has an added bonus, in that easier set-up and tear-down translates to a lower end cost for you.

Small footprint, making them easy to place in high-traffic areas like entrances to event grounds, under party tents or next to a music stage.

Event Modular LED Display

What are Modular LED Displays?

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Unlike mobile LED displays that are installed in permanent housing, modular LED displays can be configured in any which way the user wishes, and at any size. Modular LED displays consist of several panels, connected together to form a larger display and often hooked up via rigs and truss systems.

Reasons to choose a modular LED display for an event:

  • Great for outdoor applications, because of their durability, customizable sizing, weather-resistance, and efficiency, as well as brighter light that can be seen even in direct sunlight.
  • Able to catch the attention of passersby with unique configurations, scaling and other display techniques, making it a good option for advertising, corporate events and trade shows.

Indoor or Outdoor LED Displays?

Another thing to consider is the indoor/outdoor component of renting an LED display for your upcoming event. Indoor LEDs are different from outdoor LEDs in a few small but important ways.

Indoor LED displays are usually designed for closer viewing, meaning a dimming in brightness, wider viewing angle and smaller pixel pitch (higher resolution) that caters to closer viewing. Displays designed for indoor use do not provide much protection from the elements, offering a low “ingress protection” number of IP20. In simple terms that’s a score of 2/7 dust protection and 0/9 moisture protection.

Outdoor LED displays offer a number of other benefits, and are built with a much lower resolution since the viewing distance is much greater. In addition, the brightness is much higher on an outdoor screen, since it has to compete with direct sunlight. And, with a higher ingress protection rating, of at least IP65 (6/7 dust protection, 5/9 moisture protection), these displays are specially built to withstand the elements.

Lastly, there are some event screens that can operate in both indoor and outdoor spaces, known as semi-outdoor LED displays. These offer light weather protection, as well as various brightness and resolution options. Mobile LED displays can normally be classified as semi-outdoor, while modular LED displays are available in all three options.

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