Getting Ready for Fall Football Tailgating – How to Make the Most of Game Day

group of people cooking on a grill at an outdoor tailgate event

As summer winds down, kids head back to school, and of course one of surest signs of fall is the return of football. Whether you’re cheering for your alma mater or another all-star team, college football and the ritual of tailgating go hand in hand.

But today’s tailgating isn’t what it used to be – especially in the south. From gourmet cuisine to high-end video and sound systems, tailgating in 2019 isn’t just hot dogs on the grill in a blacktop parking lot.

Here are some of the best ways to get ready for your next tailgating get together.

1) Plan the Food and Beverage Selection

kabobs, burgers, chicken and corn on a grillOf course, food and beverages top the list. While people come to a tailgating event, while they are there to support the team and to spend time with family, friends and fellow fans, what’s on the menu is likely also on their mind. Will you have a potluck where everyone brings a dish to share? Will you be grilling classic burgers and brats? Have a breakfast buffet for early games? The options are endless, but one thing you will want to do is plan ahead and communicate with your fellow tailgaters. In addition, make sure you have the proper plates and utensils for whatever you’ll be serving.

You can’t forget the drinks! Instead of just offering a cooler of generic pilsner beer, consider having a Bloody Mary bar, or offer local craft beers for friends to enjoy. Consider non-alcoholic drinks as well, and be sure to have plenty of water on hand too for when the day starts to get hot.

2) Make Sure You Have the Right Technology

MAX LED display at college football tailgateIf you and your tailgating buddies aren’t heading into the game, you’ll want an optimal way to see and hear what’s going on inside the stadium. Renting an LED screen is the perfect way to get all the action on the field while still enjoying the tailgating experience. Having a top-notch sound system will also enhance the viewing experience for the big game. Consider one of the Mathes Event Productions’ great tailgate packages, which include the rental of “The Max” mobile LED wall that comes with access to cable channels, as well as a high-tech sound system. With onboard sound and power, the waterproof wall features a 360-degree swivel rotation and adjustable height to ensure ideal viewing angles for any tailgate party.

3) Keep Guests Comfortable

Providing shade under a tent or seating for tailgaters is a major consideration. Will you provide seating, or have folks bring their own? Our tailgate packages also include two 10’x10’ tents, four 6’ tables and 12 oversized tailgate chairs to help ensure guest are comfortable and ready to enjoy the game.

Ready to Tailgate?

With fall just around the corner, make sure you’re ready for tailgating season with the right LED screen technology and preparations to make the most of celebrating your favorite football team!

Get in touch with Mathes Event Productions to see how we can help make your event awesome, whether it’s an action-packed tailgate, unforgettable movie night, fun-filled festival or anything else..

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