5 Tips on Hosting an Unforgettable Movie Night

outdoor movie on LED display with crowd in front

Even though tailgating is high on our list – one of the most fun things to do in the summer is enjoy a movie outdoors. More and more cities, breweries and schools are hosting summer movie nights as a fun way to get people outside during the summer months in a family friendly way. If your organization is thinking of hosting an outdoor movie night, here are five tips to help you prepare and make sure the night is unforgettable for moviegoers.

1. Make Sure You Have The Right Permits And Permissions

While this isn’t necessarily the most fun step, it is necessary! Call your city hall to see if you need special permits or permissions to host an outdoor movie – particularly if you are hosting it in a park or other city-owned venue and are bringing in a big screen like an LED video wall. Nothing would ruin a fun night faster than if you get notice that you need to shut down the even due to improper permission. In addition, you may need a film license to show a movie. Be sure to do your research so everything is set up on the back end.

2. Get The Right Technology

Jaws preview on LED display at movie night

Making sure you have the right screens, lighting and sound system is crucial for a successful movie night outside. Mobile LED display screens are the perfect way to play whatever cinematic feature you choose. Some of the best systems available for rent come with onboard sound and power, so all you need to do is get it in place and you’re ready to roll the film! Our team can help set up a rented mobile LED display in an hour, so preparation is seamless and easy. The crisp visuals ensure attendees can see the movie from wherever they choose to watch, and the sound is loud and clear. People come to watch the movie, so you want to make sure the audio and video system reliable and easy for you as the host to use.

3. Make Sure Guests Are Comfortable

While some folks will bring lawn chairs and blankets to watch the film, you might want to be sure there is additional seating for those who don’t plan ahead. If it’s a buggy night, consider citronella candles to help keep annoying bugs at bay, or provide community bug spray bottles to make sure people are comfortable and ready to enjoy the film.

4. Don’t Forget The Snacks!

woman eating popcorn outside

No movie night is complete without a great selection of snacks. Consider having a local food truck stop by your movie night so attendees can grab a bite to eat while they watch the film. Of course, popcorn and movies go hand in hand, so check out local popcorn cart rentals, or find a vendor who can help keep movie goers popcorn buckets full.

5. More Than The Movie

If you’re planning a full evening of fun, you might want to consider other way people may want to spend their time before or after the movie. Will you have lawn games? Tents with tables for people to mingle and eat or enjoy a drink? If this sounds like the kind of movie night you want to host, consider one of our tailgate packages, which come with everything you need for a great outdoor event. Packages come with a mobile LED display, sound system, tents, tables, coolers and even a grill!

If you’re looking to make the most of summer nights with a great outdoor movie event, planning ahead and making sure you have the right technology in place will help ensure attendees have a great night.

Hire Mathes Event Productions And Have a Great Movie Night

If you want to ensure your movie night goes off without a hitch – hire Mathes Event Productions, and you’ll have everything you need to host the perfect summer night out. With both LED screen rentals and production services, we can help you craft a successful event.

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